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Public Notice & Bid Items


This page is updated on an as-needed basis — such as for items put up for bid, for bid requests, public notices, etc.

The following items are up for bid 2023:

Public Notice 2024 Ford Maverick XLT

2022 Truck Bid Specs

Vehicle Bid Minutes

Bid Opening 10/31/2017

Bid Opening 10/13/2015

Bid Opening 10/26/2015

Bid Opening 10/30/2014

Manalapan Grant Bid Minutes

bid opening station 84

bid opening station 37

Bid Opening for Manalapan Lake Shoreline Stabilization

The following items are up for auction for FY 2013 on :

Notice of Sales
GovDeals Resolution

Awarded Contracts:

FY 2022 contracts awarded
Princeton Hydro Awarded Contract