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This page is updated on an as-needed basis — such as for items put up for bid, for bid requests, public notices, etc.

Vehicle Bid Minutes

Bid Opening 10/31/2017

Bid Opening 10/13/2015

Bid Opening 10/26/2015

Bid Opening 10/30/2014

Manalapan Grant Bid Minutes

bid opening station 84

bid opening station 37

Bid Opening for Manalapan Lake Shoreline Stabilization

The following items are up for bid 2017:

Accepting bids for 2008 Ford Super Cab Ranger – Bid Request
Public Notice 2018 Ford Escape
2008 Ford Ranger Specs

The following items are up for auction for FY 2013 on :

Notice of Sales
GovDeals Resolution

Awarded Contracts:

FY 2019 contracts awarded
Princeton Hydro Awarded Contract