Open-Space Conservation Cooperative

Open-Space Cooperative


Ireland Brook

Ireland Brook Conservation Area is a 445-acre property that has unrealized opportunities to establish a shrub/scrub habitat in old agricultural sections and would benefit greatly from improved pollinator habitat along the gas line right-of-way, as well as water quality improvements to the stream and riparian areas, a forestry management plan and conservation plan. All of these sections of the conservation area impacted by invasive species and would benefit from invasive species management. Wildlife management and endangered species assistance would also be advantageous on this County open space.

Current and past management activities on this property include seasonal mowing in grassland areas to curb invasive species and woody growth, prescribed fire, limited shrub establishment, invasive species removal, windrow removal, nest box placement, pollinator plantings, demonstration deer enclosure, and brush pile creation.

As per the goals of the Open Space Assistance program, Ireland Brook Conservation Area was analyzed by County staff for its proximity to existing agricultural land uses, preserved farmland, threatened and endangered species and riparian zones location within a two-mile radius.

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