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Davidson Mill Pond Park

Davidson’s Mill Pond Park is a County Park comprising over 417 acres that features grassland meadows, upland forests, open water, streams and wetlands-in addition to cultivated fields used by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension office and lawn areas for park users. This park is an asset to Middlesex County and would benefit from a conservation plan, forestry management plan, and grassland management-particularly removal of invasive species and the establishment of warm season grasses. Improvements to wildlife and pollinator habitat would also be beneficial. In addition, endangered species assistance, as well as water quality and wetlands enhancement support would also be advantageous in this County park.

Current and past management activities on this property include seasonal mowing in grassland areas to curb invasive species and woody growth, prescribed fire, invasive species removal, nest box placement and pollinator nesting habitat enhancements.

As per the goals of the Open Space Assistance program, Davidson’s Mill Pond Park was analyzed by County staff for its proximity to existing agricultural land uses, preserved farmland, threatened and endangered species and riparian zones location within a two-mile radius.

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