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A watershed is the area of land that drains into a particular body of water such as a stream, river, lake, or bay. The watershed includes not only the waterway itself, but also the entire land area that drains to it.

A watershed can be as small as a backyard that drains to a creek, or as large as sections from several states that drain to the same river. The type of land use (e.g., agriculture, suburban, urban) and its associated activities can have a direct impact on the water quality of the watershed. When it rains, storm water carries with it the effects of human activities as it drains off the land into the local waterway.

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” ~ Thomas Fuller, 1732

New Jersey Fertilizer Law Now in Effect
The NJ Fertilizer Law was conceived to protect all New Jersey surface and ground waters from impairment by minimizing nitrogen and phosphorus loading that may come from the application of lawn fertilizers.

Click on Quick Facts: 2011 NJ Fertilizer Law for a synopsis of the new law that is already in effect.
Click on Healthy Lawns = Healthy Water for tips on caring for your lawn while still maintaining water quality.
Click on Non Point Source Pollution and Watersheds for a helpful fact sheet for all residents.

Monmouth Coastal Watersheds Poster – Brochure

A free, full-color poster-brochure about the Monmouth Coastal Watersheds area is available to residents in Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Counties.

“We realized that many residents are not aware of what a watershed is, and do not know the watershed in which they reside,” said Ines Grimm, a member of Monmouth Coastal Watersheds Partnership Public Education and Outreach Committee. “This poster-brochure will be a useful tool in acquainting residents with the watershed process.”

The Monmouth Coastal Watersheds Partnership (Area 12) is comprised of 6 coastal subwatersheds – Bayshore, North Coast, Navesink, Mid-Coast, South Coast and Manasquan – all or a portion of which fall into 55 municipalities from as far north as South Amboy and as far south as Point Pleasant.

Each of the 6 subwatersheds are briefly profiled in the brochure and are highlighted with several color photos of locations within each watershed. Each section contains:

  • Features of the watershed
  • Rivers, streams & waterways
  • Environmental issues
  • A map
  • Contact names & numbers
  • Funds for this publication were provided by NJDEP – Division of Watershed Management – in cooperation with the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders. Matching funds were provided by Freehold SCD and Monmouth County Water Resources Association.

For a free copy of the Monmouth Coastal Watersheds poster-brochure call Freehold SCD at (732) 683-8500 or email us at Please provide a mailing address along with your request.

For additional information on Monmouth Coastal Watersheds Partnership Area 12 please click on Watershed Friendly Property Management Guide: Avoid Menacing Mosquitoes and Ticks!
A free, Watershed Friendly Property Management Guide — containing information on avoiding menacing mosquitoes and ticks — is available from Freehold SCD. Both mosquito and tick prevention information is included in the 16-page Watershed Friendly Property Management Guide, along with facts on water conservation, water saving tips, native plants, composting, streams, fertilizer use, and the benefits of wildlife.

To receive a free copy, or copies, of the guide contact Freehold SCD at (732) 683-8500 x 2526 or email Please provide a name, address and zip code along with your request. To download a copy please visit the Downloadable pdf page (link to the left.)